We are RetroDoge
We welcome you to the glorious new world of RetroDoge! A monument to the times where games were simple and things just worked right - the golden 90s with its SNES consoles, Arcades and 16bit games!
RetroDoge and its developing ecosystem stem from a passionate and dedicated group of gaming enthusiasts who are true professionals in their fields, committed to delivering an original, story-based thriller of a pixel game. To fulfil the longing of a bygone era. To create a game that embodies the nostalgia of a not-too-distant past, where players can ravish in the suspense of a mysterious quest laden with threats of all kinds, evoking joy whilst taking them out, and basking in the sense of accomplishment when beating that difficult point in a game to reach the goal. All this is a lot more fun when friends and family are playing together.
RetroDoge aims to be an amalgam of iconic pop-culture memories, entertainment, crypto awareness and to build a fight against the scammers that are plaguing this innovative space intended to be the foundation of the financial tech of tomorrow.

What it means to be a RetroDoger?

Becoming a RetroDoge community member is more than just about buying a token. It's about becoming part of a movement wanting to build legitimacy, credibility in crypto by building long term value generating products. It means that in the face of extreme fear, being the one that stands tall and seeks to lead the way in terms of innovation in blockchain gaming and beyond.
This principle helps to build and solidify the foundations of everything we do. It’s born from frustration at the fact that a blockchain technology like Binance Smart Chain that offers scalability and low transaction fees, has gotten polluted with scams and abused often for personal gain. We aim to build a profitable token ecosystem in BSC whilst also looking out for the everyday crypto investor.

How do you win with RetroDoge?

The RetroDoge token will be the primary currency used as a rewards system for those daring enough to survive all of the challenges of the crypto world in the game, to stick it out to the end by beating the evil bosses and saving Elon!
All NFTs we design and release will contribute back into the community with some of features being:
  • The opportunity to become a VIP member of a very exclusive sub-community - the RetroDoge Gold Club (RDGC)
  • The opportunity to receive discounts on our planned merch store apparel
  • Early access/WL spots to mint a gaming NFT skin
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